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          World's cultural view

          Home culture: enrich the material and spiritual life of employees, and create an atmosphere of a harmonious family.

          Quality culture: strengthen the quality of walde's products and services, and win the recognition and moving inside and outside the enterprise.

          Symbiotic culture: establish the concept of integration of upstream and downstream supply chain, and obtain the sustainable vitality of symbiosis and common prosperity.

          Behavior culture: benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust, gentleness, courtesy and thrift; self cultivation, self supervision and perfection.

          Corporate culture

          Strive to be better!

          The company takes happy employees as the corporate vision, and is committed to creating happiness for employees and creating value for the society

          World's view of service

          Attentive service: win customers' moving and trust; bring happiness and create customer value.

          Treat people sincerely: win colleagues' affection and respect; create happiness and harmonious atmosphere for colleagues.

          Moving often in: to win their own moving, self-identity; create happiness for themselves, create personal value.

          Joy in it: pay attention to sincerity, improve service mode; advocate happy work, create service value together.

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