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          Visit conditions of Wuxi World Precision Industry Co., Ltd

          The following rules are applicable to all users or visitors visiting the website, and Wuxi Wald Precision Industry Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Access to this website is granted by Wald in accordance with the following terms. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please stop using this website. Wale has the right to take legal and fair remedies for violations of these rules. Wald can modify the contents of this website at any time without any notice or prompt. In order to get the latest version of information, please visit this website regularly. The non Wald products or services mentioned on this website are only for the purpose of providing relevant information and do not constitute the recognition or recommendation of these products or services. Wald does not make any statement or guarantee on any product, service or information provided on the website, and all products and services sold shall be subject to the sales contract and terms of the company.

          Copyright means that all materials or content contained in this website are protected by copyright law, and all copyrights are owned by Wald, except for the content quoted by other parties. Without the prior written permission of Wald or other parties, no one shall copy, distribute, reprint, broadcast, connect or transmit any content on this website in any way ”Image method "is loaded on other servers, stored in the information retrieval system or used for any other commercial purpose, except for downloading or printing for non-commercial purpose or personal use (provided that it cannot be modified and the copyright or other proprietary description in the material shall be retained).


          All trademarks and logos used and displayed on the website are owned by Wuxi Wald Precision Industry Co., Ltd., except those indicated to be owned by other parties. Nothing contained in the website shall be deemed to confer, by implication, without objection or otherwise, any license or right to use any of the foregoing trademarks or marks without the written permission of Wald or other parties. Without prior written permission, no one is allowed to use Wald's name and Wald's trademark and mark in any way.

          Products or services provided

          Due to the international or borderless nature of the Internet, the information provided through this website is also international, so not all the products or services mentioned on this website are provided in your country or region. Please contact our company for the products and services provided.

          Third party links

          This website may retain links to third-party websites or web sites. Access to these links will be at the user's discretion. Wald does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, opinions, pictures, statements or suggestions provided on these links. These links are provided only for convenience, not for recognition and recommendation of the information, nor for publicity or advertising purposes.

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