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          Oil cooler installation notes

          TIME:2020-06-11       By:冷油機供應廠商       View count:1079

          Oil cooler before starting the procedure, the need for further verification of the oil cooler in all aspects of the state, including the voltage, power and machine type is symmetric; cooling pipe and tubing is connected; valves, tank are in good condition. In order to ensure the stability of the operation of the machine, it is necessary to avoid continuous switching in order to ensure the stability of the operation of the machine. In fact, when the oil temperature has been set, the compressor will stop automatically, and there is no need to worry about it. With the oil cooler in a wide range of promotion and popularization, we should pay more attention to the installation and use of the process, especially the matters needing attention in the process of using, should be more skilled, so as to avoid oil cooler in the working process of failure, thus preventing its normal operation.

          In order to ensure the better operation of the oil cooler, the choice of the equipment installation site is crucial, so as to choose a place with a smooth and relatively clear surface and no environmental pollution. In the installation of the oil cooler, the machine can not be too close to the wall and requires installation according to the size of the equipment. In the use of oil cooler, the temperature setting is also the focus of attention, especially for switch temperature design, to avoid below five degrees, otherwise prone to icing. If it is found that the condenser cooling oil cooler is bad, or the compressor efficiency is lower, first check on the oil circulation, the key is to further verify the matching of oil temperature and operation so that the oil cooler can work normally. At the same time, it is necessary to do the cleaning of the related equipments, such as condensers, evaporators, etc., which is beneficial to ensure the working efficiency and prolong the service life.

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