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          Daily maintenance and maintenance of oil cooler

          TIME:2020-06-11       By:冷油機供應廠商       View count:1248

          Oil coolers do not seem to be common in our daily lives, but they have a catalytic role in the industry. After long time working in many machine will produce a lot of heat, and the oil cooler can now through the refrigeration system of the machine tool temperature down, which makes the machine work rate is not affected, but do you know how to maintain the oil cooler in peacetime should be?

          1, the oil cooler opens. Every year from 3 to November, the operator is required to turn on the oil cooler in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It is required that the oil cooler be opened at the start of each set of equipment.

          2. Observation of oil cooler. Oil cooler set a certain cooling temperature value, operators usually operate equipment, you need to pay attention to observe the oil temperature display value, when the oil temperature is higher than the set value for a long time, you need to promptly reflect the situation to the maintenance.

          3. Clean the tank. When the oil cooler runs for about 2 weeks, the oil tank should be opened to drain the oil to clear the moisture at the bottom of the tank. The cooling coils of the LO-C unit should be regularly cleaned to prevent cooling. The cooling coil should be avoided while cleaning and the bottom of the tank should be completely cleaned.

          4. Clean the air filter. Air filter nets are cleaned every two weeks (at least once a week when the environment is bad). When cleaning, remove the filter net first and dust the air with a vacuum cleaner or air spray gun. When fouling is serious, clean air filter screen shall be used with warm water and neutral detergent with temperature not exceeding 40 degrees celsius. After washing, air should be dried and replaced.

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