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          Announcement - changes in delivery cycle for oil chiller, chiller and air coolers

          TIME:2020-06-11       By:冷油機供應廠商       View count:1399

          Dear customers:

          Due to the rapid recovery of the market, the related industries showed a blowout trend, resulting in the shortage of raw materials supply, resulting in longer production cycle. In order to ensure you provide quality products and services, to avoid the delay in supply due to production delays or other problems. Now our company's oil chiller, chiller and air cooler products delivery cycle changed to: 30 working days, the majority of customers to make arrangements.

          "Customer first" is our eternal objective, high-quality products are our continuous pursuit, strict delivery deadline is our consistent commitment, thank you for your understanding and support!

          Wuxi best Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

          May 11, 2017

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